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WinnipegREALTORS® Press Release; September 7, 2011


Mosquitoes have become an endangered species inWinnipegthis year … but a new bug has appeared – theWinnipegreal estate sales bug! Sales in August are on par with the best August ever in the real estate Association’s 108 year history.


In August of 2005 there were 1293 sales – and this August we registered 1290MLS® sales.

But the dollar volume isn’t even close – in 2005 the 1293 sales amounted to $169 million in dollar volume – this year’s 1290 sales registered $297 million – so virtually the same number of sales - but a staggering 76% increase in dollar volume in 6 years.


With concern about the world economy; a potential 3rd stimulus package south of the border and rampant fluctuations in the stock market and personal retirement investments, theWinnipeg real estate market continues to be the steadiest economic engine on the tracks.


“At the start...