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Excerpts from Open Doors, a publication of the Residential Tenancies Branch


Advertising on the Internet has a lot of advantages for landlords and tenants.  It saves time, increases the number of options and provides unlimited space for details.  However, tenants who are apartment hunting online must be aware of the possibility that the advertisement could be a scam.


While the potential for deceit is endless, a recent report to the Residential Tenancies Branch is a good example of how scammers use the Internet.


A tenant found an online ad for a sublet on a Winnipeg apartment.  The ad had pictures showing the features of the unit.  The advertiser said he had been transferred out of the country and needed to sublet the unit quickly.  The tenant e-mailed the advertiser and later wired him a large sum of money for the first month’s rent.  When the advertiser demanded more money, the tenant became suspicious and contacted...


Excerpts from Winnipeg Real Estate News Publication, October 9, 2009


After announcing WinnipegREALTORS® had its first record sales month this year in September, a business reporter was curious enough to ask what the lowest house sale price was in September. The reporter was told it was $17,000, which is quite a contrast from the highest at $1.15 million — $50,000 above list price.


The reporter was also interested in knowing what the average monthly MLS® house price was and how it compared to the same month in 2008.


Unfortunately, this information is invariably of dubious value due to such extremes in house prices. WinnipegREALTORS® has never relied on average pricing due to how varied housing can be in Winnipeg and the surrounding municipalities. Even within one specific MLS® defined territory or area, sales can be quite varied based on the mix and age of housing. 


Some usefulness can be derived when there are thousands...