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From Winnipeg Free Press Publication, September 22, 2012.  By Ari Marantz.

Fabulous article from the Winnipeg Free Press by Ari Marantz of Trained Eye Home Inspection.  

With the dry summer weather, many homeowners are experiencing unusual cracking and movement in their walls and other areas of their home. While this may be a somewhat rare occurrence caused by unusually dry soil conditions, it does happen to many homes and I will address the issue accordingly.

Cracks in plaster or drywall in an older home are a very common occurrence in our area due to our expansive clay soils that the homes are built on. This soil will expand and contract with changes in moisture content, which is compounded by the wide temperature swings from summer to winter. Because of this, many homes built on typical concrete footings will move regularly. This settlement is often more pronounced in the first couple of decades after a home is completed, but can happen later due to changing conditions...


WinnipegREALTORS® Press Release; September 6, 2012

WINNIPEG – There was no let up in August as it not only outperformed July but turned in a well above average performance for this time of year. It was only 4% off the most active August on record in 2005. Dollar volume was the highest it has ever been for August with close to $300 million in real estate transactions. 36% of the entire inventory turned over and that was with a healthy dose of new listings coming on the market.

August MLS® unit sales decreased by less than 4% (1,241/1,290) while dollar volume was up almost 1% ($298.7 million/$296.6 million) in comparison to the same month last year. Year-to-date MLS® sales are ahead by 2% (9,387/9,196) while dollar volume has increased 7% ($2.30 billion/$2.14 billion) compared to the same period last year. Listings entered on the MLS® this year are also trending higher than previous years at this point in time.

“We are bucking a national trend which points to moderating...