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WinnipegREALTORS® Press Release, May 9, 2013

WINNIPEG - Signs of spring while questionable at times in April brought more buyers out to take advantage of an MLS® inventory higher than it has been in many years. The equivalent of nearly 40 % of the 3,205 MLS® listings at the end of April sold and that is over 400 units more than what sold the previous month. While sales and dollar volume were down from April 2012, sales were still 2% above the 10-year average and dollar volume finished a strong second to last year’s highest April dollar volume of $337 million.

Another positive indicator was new listings coming on the market in April of nearly 2.100 are near the highest level for this time of year. Every indication in May with warmer sunny days enabling yard work to commence in customary fashion is the spring market has arrived in earnest.

It is important to note while active residential-detached listings are higher at the end of April than they were at the same time last...