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I provided the full Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board March Press Release in my previous post. The full report can be viewed here. But here is a recap of the highlights and a deeper dive into the sales results for the City of Winnipeg, separate from the rest of the metro region.

Total February 2021 MLS® sales of 1240 were up 48.2% over February 2020, and up 71.3% over February 2019.

Drilling down a bit deeper in terms of property type:

  1. Single family home sales on MLS® in February were up 45.1% over February 2020, and up 61.2% over February 2019.

  2. Condominium sales on MLS® in February were up 46.6% over February 2020, and up 58.9% over February 2019.

Total listings on MLS® at the end of February for the metro region was 2501, 41.4% less than at this same time last year, and 33.0% less than at this time in 2019.

As always, I highlight that these monthly reports from the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board are general, overall monthly market statistics for the entire region...

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WINNIPEG -  February continues to show significant increases over the same month last year with 1,240 sales, a 48% rise in early year market activity and 68% in comparison to the 5-year average. The $395 million in dollar volume transacted in February was more pronounced with a 67% jump over February 2020.

Rapid turnover of listings due to heightened market activity resulted in current supply at the end of February down 41% — 2,501 versus 4,266 in 2020. New listings coming on the market in February were 1,661, down less than 3% compared to the same month in 2020 and up 5% over the 5-year average.

“New listings entered on our MLS® in February are in keeping with previous years,” said Kourosh Doustshenas, president of the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board. “The difference in 2021, and much like the second half of 2020, is we are experiencing record-setting month over same month sales, so sellers remain...

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